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Spanish Lawyer in Murcia.

By 19 marzo, 2012diciembre 16th, 2019Sin comentarios
            Many Spanish lawyers in areas with many foreigners speak excellent English or other languages. They are accustomed to dealing with foreign residents and their special problems, including property purchases. (“you and the Law in Spain. David Searl. Santana Books).
            Carlos Mínguez Oliva is a Spanish lawyer specialized in Urban development law and litigation on Civil Order. From Murcia is covering Murcia and area in Murcia Costa Cálida and resorts in this area.(head office in Murcia: calle Marin Baldo número 1, 2ºentresuelo. (District Postal Code 30.001). Telephone number +34.968355013).
            To make sure your urbanization is legal and registered, ask to see the Plan Parcial approved by our ayuntamiento, the town hall. The Plan Parcial is not a partial plan, as it sounds, but the plan of parcelas, or building plots, which must be approved. This assures you that your urbanization is legal. If the developer cannot show you this approved plan, you may have a problem.  
             If the development is on the beach, make sure it is aproved by the Demarcación de Costas as well as the town hall. Spain´s 19988 Ley de Costas, or Law of Costas, empowers the authorities to restrict building andto control height and density within 100 metres of the high-water mark, and a rvised law to protect the shoreline threatens even many existing properties.
             In our office have so many cases and we are on the idea that it is best way to check a new investment before take a decision on buying a new property. Spaniards and foreign customers have also been defrauded and problems with house purchase can be open from 5 to 10 years before obteining a deccission on Courts.

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